Liquid Technologies is the European distributor for MicroThermics Inc.

MicroThermics Inc. is exclusively focused on the design, development and manufacture of customized small scale continuous flow thermal processing systems. It is not one of a number of things they do – it is the only thing they do.
MicroThermics Inc. has been established for almost twenty years, and has an unrivaled record of meeting the needs of an ever increasingly sophisticated global market.

The purpose of MicroThermics laboratory-scale processing is to put the manufacturing process into the researcher’s and product developers hands.
–   It allows them to conveniently formulate using the process, without leaving the lab.
–   It reduces the need for plant trials
–   It accelerates development.
–  It places the researcher on a learning curve, constantly becoming more familiar with how their formulas and ingredients interact with the process.
–   As a result, they can make better informed decisions in all stages of development.
–   They can process a large number of small samples under different processing conditions
–   It significantly speeds up the product development process
–   Faster product development gets products into the market faster


Systems are built to individual customer requirements. Various additional options in addition to heat treatment are available such as
–    inline homogenization
–    clean fill hood with sterile product outlet
–    data logging
–    starch hydration section


MicroThermics has been in business for 20 years continuously improving equipment performance and innovating. For example Touchscreen PC controlled processing is an option. MicroThermics are leaders for 20 years in the design and engineering of this small scale processing technology pioneered by the company founder and company President Dr. John Miles.
MicroThermics systems are in locations throughout the world. Many companies have a number of MicroThermics units at different locations. Many market leaders in the food and beverage sector use MicroThermics systems in their day to day R & D activities..

See the MicroThermics website at www.microthermics.com for a comprehensive view of the equipment capability or contact us by email or phone. See Contact page.

Liquid Technologies provides full technical support and service backup including spare parts. To its customers.