Maklad Injector

Maklad Injector

Liquid Technologies is the representative for Maklad innovative Fluid- und Systemtechnik GmbH in Ireland and the UK.

The inline Steam Injector is novel processing technology with many benefits for the food processor such as:

–    reduced energy consumption

–    up to UHT temperatures achievable

–    small footprint in a plant

–    easily retrofitted


The Maklad-Injector, the patented Innovation:

EU-Patent 1034029,

US-Patent 6523991


Blending, mixing, homogenisation, pasteurisation / UHT-heating of multi phase fluids (liquid, gas and powder).
Sterilisation, inactivation of waste water, cell disintegration, and vacuum producing.
Already in use for:
•    Food production (ESL-milk, UHT-milk, nectars, drinks, whipped cream, ice cream, ketchup and processed cheese.
•    Pharmaceutical industry :Bio-wastewater inactivation
Successfully tested for:
•    Inline liquid/powder mixing and pasteurising in one process step
•    Vacuum producing
•    Liquid/gas mixing
•    Agglomeration and cleaning of gas
•    Powder transfer

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