Markets Served

Food Processing

Ice Cream, Dairy based Desserts, Flavoured Milk Drinks, Yogurt, Cheese Sauces

Soups, Sauces, Broths, Gravies 

- Beverages
Nutritional Drinks, Smoothies, Juices, Concentrates, Soy Beverages, Coffee, Functional Beverages


Testing the performance of food ingredients in finished products


Testing heat stability of flavours in end products. Flavour Developers use the equipment to formulate flavours that retain their organoleptic character after heat treatment. MicroThermics processors can simulate plant processing conditions. Flavour companies prepare product samples for their customers.

Nutrient Media

Sterile nutrient media production by companies using fermentation processes


Liquid Technologies can carry out product trial for clients on MicroThermics equipment .

Food Research Centres and Universities

These sectors are major users of MicroThermics systems in their Food research departments.

References available on request.

Currently we have the Maklad Injector being used as part of a two year research project with a Research Institute. The project will investigate the use of the Maklad Injector in a new process configuration compared to the conventional process. There is the potential for significant production efficiencies and energy savings.

Biotechnology Sector

More recently MicroThermics Inc. have developed processors for use in this sector. Applications include

–  cGMP Sterilizers, Kill Systems, and Reactors

–  UHT/HTST, Aseptic and Pasteurization processors

MTIBioPharm processors are a more efficient and cost effective alternative to processes such as autoclaves, batch reactors, filtration and chemical sterilizers.